Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Shutterfly Photo Card - Embed and Get $10 off

 Shutterfly is running a special.
Order your newlywed or family Christmas cards ASAP.
Too bad we don't have our dog with us to be in the picture. I wonder if the owner is ready to sell him back. {scratches top of head}

Once you place your're prompted with an option to "embed" or "post" your card on your blog and you get $10 off your next order {if another order is placed by January 31, 2012}. I plan to use that on a 2012 calendar.

Faith Love Family Religious
Modern greeting cards and party invitations by Shutterfly.
View the entire collection of cards.


  1. Thanks for sharing this! I may try to use for a calendar next year.

  2. Congrats on your award D, LOVE it.. I ADORE your card, you guys are SOOO supre cute.. Beautiful family and uuum YOU too liek Tia look stunning in your photo.. : )) xoxo.

  3. your Christmas cards came out so great! i def. want to get a photo calendar through Shutterfly for next year!

  4. Awww beautiful card. We went with shutterfly too this year.

  5. Beautiful card. I ordered mine last week, now I just need to embedd it into my blog.


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