Monday, August 1, 2011

They Say Blondes Have More Fun.....

Last week, I decided to change up my look a little bit and dyed the front portion of my hair 'blonde.' I think it was about a 5 inch wide x 4 inch deep area. I didn't let it get too blonde since it was my first dye job and I was of course apprehensive, but for my first time at it, I give myself a B. I left it on closest to my roots for maybe 45-60 seconds longer than the rest of the strands (which was 25 mins.) and its pretty obvious but it still looks I'll just tidy it up when its time for a touch up.

What I used....

Freshly rinsed.

Freshly rinsed - pulled back.

Pulled into a ponytail and moisturized.

Post MAC makeover. I was trying to focus......thanks to my wine.

Figured I should include this smiling pic.

I plan to oil and moisturize my dyed hair everyday. I will definitely take special care of it since I know permanent hair is drying. Can't wait to rock a twist out or braid out!

Have you ever done a DIY dye job?


  1. Too cute, chica! How do you have your hair styled in the last two photos? I did a DIY dye job the first time I went natural, and I used a similiar color, but I don't remember the brand. I was young and fearless back then. My hair didn't change one bit, and I didn't suffer any damage. I also didn't take special care of my hair because I didn't know how. I don't know if I would do it again though.

  2. oh nice!!! i've never had the courage to dye my hair aside from henna.

  3. Brave! I want color in my hair but ever since my big chop last Sept I've treated each strand like glass! Looks great..

  4. Just wanted to say, you are so cute! I love your big cheese smile :) Hair is fabulous as well. I have totally NOT been taking care of mine. Naughty, naughty!

  5. Really cute! I always wanted to dye the top part of my hair but I am too scared! The color looks good you you girly!

  6. it looks so good! you are so darn brave ... i would be shaking in my boots! but i would def. like some color!

  7. Goodness! Everyone is so apprehensive...I'm having dyer's remorse! If I get tired of it, there's always Henndigo!

    @TiAnna: I've had color before, but I didn't take special care of it then. This time I have too much knowledge not to do so.

    @Alice: Thanks! Two babies and staying at home really "inspired" this.

    @CeCe: I always get a 2-yr itch to do something (usually cut) but I will be treating this portion especially special. :-)

    @Sunshine/My Dean: Thanks! Not as gorgeous as you though! If you want a hair product I can send, let me know!

    @Mz. Love: Do it! No, j/k, but thanks!

    @Faith: Thanks! Looking at Dani's color a few months ago was my nudge. I always wanted some and her pictures just took me over the edge. :-)

  8. Super cute! I colored my hair again light brown just at the front not long ago and regretted the decision since. But then again, I get the urge to recolor at my roots. Sighh, it's just hair right?


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