Friday, August 19, 2011

Funky Nails & Twists

I'm feeling kind of "blah." Dying my hair was fun, but I think I need to do something else.
Like I said before, going natural put me into a DIY - Do It Yourself - mentality.
I want to somehow do an animal print design....zebra to be exact....on my nails (hands and feet) but I'm starting to chicken out. I may just have to go and get that done!
I saw a girl at Old Navy with the cutest soft-colored rainbow nails. We started talking about my twist out, youtube, etc.
She said she was good at copying youtube nail designs but not hair and I told her I was the complete opposite.
Anyway, I'm really wanting black+white zebra print nails. I want them sometime in the next 2 weeks so I'll be studying youtube videos all weekend to see if I have the courage to do them myself or run to get them done.

Check out Rihanna's:
A little zebra and tiger....

love her.

Close-up. I love these, minus the 'bling.'

And these:

I love these! This is my goal....minus the pink.

These are cool, except for the two that look like Easter eggs. :-\

If I chicken out, i'll just try buy these and hope for the best. :-[

I'm afraid mine will look like the 'Easter egg' picture instead of the first picture, my favorite. Gosh! I gotta study this really good because I don't want to chicken out and buy the strips. ::crosses fingers:: I already have the white and dark brown. I'll buy black too and try them both out.

Absolutely none of these animal prints!

Shut the front door.

Or these-
Get out of here!


That was too much! Can you believe these photos actually came up from google's search engine?!? Wth! They can't be serious. Two words: atrocious and hideous!

Protecting My Tangles

My edges are extremely thin...this sucks. I really don't know when or how that happened. I know I've had post-partum shedding for two years back to back. Yikes! It is noooooo joke! But from what I'm trying to remember, my edges were thin after my first baby and now thinner after my second baby. Ughhhh!

Thin - between my temple and ear. :-(

So this means no more ponytails for me for a while. It also means castor oil massages a couple times a week and henna treatments once a month. Oh and no more gel....well very little. I'm taking it back to protective style twists and twist outs. Although my ends are exposed with twist outs, my edges won't be under any tension and that's what most important for me. I've started doing some of these things but I haven't really been consistent.

Pinned up like the old style french roll.

When you feel "blah," what do you do? Are you doing anything creative to your hair (styling, coloring, etc.) or nails? Do you study youtube to learn new things you can do yourself? 


  1. LOL @ those hippos!! I LOVE your twist up do. So regal and beautiful with you hair color. Castor oil always works for me when I've been too rough on my edges, so don't even worry! Can't wait to see your zebra nails!! xo

  2. I know it sucks right when the edges thin! Try rosemary oil rubbed into the thin areas. Also, are you using regular castor or Jamaican Black? I'm in love with me some JBCO. I use it to seal the ends.

    A note on rosemary though. It stinks to some people lol. You can dilute it with olive oil.

    Hopefully, those thin spots will fill in soon. Have you ever heard of Mahogany Knots on YouTube? She had some really bad thinning (just about bald spots) after having her last baby and she's starting to fill in nicely. She did a video recently and you can see where it's filling in.

    Also, what kind of gel are you using? I know everyone loves Eco Styler and I do too but to keep it from making the hair too hard, you can either forego it for a while and use 100% Aloe Vera Gel on your edges or after putting in the Eco Styler, put a little shea butter on top. The SB helps to keep it from getting hard. Hope this helps :-)

    Oh and the nails! (can u tell I can go on and on talking beauty) I so want to do the leopart print too but I may mess it up. However, I did buy the Sally Hansen peel and press cheeta print. Maybe I'll do that for the Hairscapades meetup in DC this weekend. Are you going?

    If you decide to do the nails, do a tutorial k? I'd love to see it done in action. Ok I'm out now lol. Have a great weekend!

  3. Dang now i feel like a stalker lol I meant to also say that you need to do a tutorial on yoru twists too. I agree with sunshine. It looks wonderful. My hair can't seem to a hold a twist without rubberbands on the ends. Thanks to henna, my curl pattern has straightened a lot toward my ends.

  4. I love the look of your twists!

    I love the animal print nails. I could never do that myself either. Every thought about trying out the Sally Hansen Salon Effects?

  5. I love how your twists look!! I want to do something like that. Wish I knew somewhere to get it down case I won't be able to do it. Hope you get up the gumption to do the nails I wanna see!!!

  6. The updo twists are totally fab! I usually go shopping and buy something for myself when im feeling blah! the nails is a great idea though!

  7. I love your twists! I need to try these out for a protective style. I've never had a henna treatment before though. How is that done and what does it do for your hair?

    I like those animal print nails too. I love the sally hansen salon effects glittery nails too.

  8. oooh if you do your nails def. take pics! i would love to see!

    your twists look great! absolutely loved them.

    my edges are thin too ... i did braids and they did not help my edges at all ... i'm trying to work with my edges now ... i just hope they come back soon!

  9. A Hippo? I literally laughed out loud at my desk.

    I know it's a bit sucky for your edges. I've dealt with a similar situation while I was bunning this summer. Yea, I was one of those ones that pulled there hair back too tight. I decided to loosen the bun a bit, which on the bright side, showed my cute, but massive, waves more, and my hair is growing back so fast that I can't even notice.

    I love the color and your twists are adorable. I wish I knew how to twist like that. "/

  10. I love the twist up do! I can't wait until I am able to do something similar to that. Michelle is totally right about the Sally Hansen's peel and press. I saw a girl try it and her nails look like they were professionally done. I've been having the urge to get my nose pierced or to get a tattoo, but I am way too chicken. When I feel blah, I usually do more hair real cute, put on an extra cute outfit, and strut around.


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