Monday, August 15, 2011

A Different Kind Of Insanity....Fantasy Football

Ok, I was the biggest female football fan ever. My hubs used to play in high school and college, so its kind of a big deal to him. so me, the oh so supportive girlfriend turned fiancee turned wife supported what he enjoys and he does the same for me. Well, after having 2 babies under the age of 2, I could give a rat's ass about football. Of course he doesn't know this and will never know this (unless he chooses to randomly read my blog anytime soon).

His/our favorite team has their first preseason game tomorrow. Woohoo. Can you hear my sarcasm? I mean, this man forgets where he is when he watches our team play. He curses at the players and coaches like they can actually hear him and take his advice. You know what they say, "The best players are the ones on the couch....watching at home." Yeah, that's him. I just look at him like he's temporarily lost it and all he says is, "You know how I get with my team." Sigh. W.T.F. And it gets worse.....dun dun dunnnnnnn.............

Fantasy football. Please. Someone put me out of my misery. Like I said, this all used to be cool and cute, but I don't want to see him glued to the tv, tied to the couch and bound to that laptop. He cheers for a team "except for not that player." He counts his points every five minutes on Sunday and watches football allllllll day. Our hometown church actually started an early morning 8am service for the football season. Apparently football is just that deep. Fantasy football sucks and whoever came up with it, should be made to watch endless hours of The Backyardigans or America's Next Top Model. guy would like that.

Well, I guess I should ask myself why the heck am I complaining? I'm a mom of two boys and its possible that they'll end up liking that sport. I'm hoping an praying that they don't though. Not just because of the obsession with it, but the dangers. C'mon, I'm not that shallow, lol. Technically, my natural hair obsession is annoying to him, but he reaps the benefits when he sees the efforts of all my work because he loovvveesss my hair.

What sports or hobbies of your spouse/partner do you secretly despise? Do you have any hobbies your spouse/partner 'secretly' despises?


  1. LOL! Cute! Well, Sundays can be bonding time for him and the boys, and you can quietly slip out the back door for some "me" time! So far, my husband doesn't have any hobbies I despise, but he does have to do the simplest things perfectly to a "t" which can be annoying because it takes more time and can be stressful. I can't get too mad because he balances my aloof go with the flow nature. I know he views my hair styling sessions, working out, and volunteering as "me" time, and I don't think that's fair. I think those things are just necessary. LOL!

  2. My husband too! He is a fantasy football fool! I can't do anything about it so I just go watch tv in the other room smh!

    I'm not a fan of any sport really.

  3. hahaha, hubby isn't too much into football so i get spared that ... but that is how he is with rugby, ugh! hahaha, i would say the one hobby hubby hates of mine is blogging, hahaha. i am on the internet far too much, lol. he isn't going to stop rugby so i am not going to stop blogging. we both win.

  4. thankfully my husband enjoys watching football but he doesn't do fantasy football. i haven't found any hobbies that annoy him. i think i agree with Faith..the blogging used to annoy him until i got him to start looking into social media for his business. now we spend the same amount of time blogging and twittering away!

  5. Hubby is not into football (both European and American-Canadian) but we like to watch big matches.

    Thanks for stopping by. I am not going to write for some days, that will give me more time to read more blogs :).

  6. I can relate...with your husband. I *love* football <3

  7.'on. I actually found this post pretty interesting to read considering that I am your husband and considering you didn't think I would read this post...and that you thought the best way to hide your secret despise of my insane Passion for fantasy football was to post it on the

    Well I wonder if you will feel the same when I bring home the bacon this was a very funny post. Good job!!!

  8. @TiAnna - You mus have missed the part where I said he forgets where he is. He would not be happy if I left him to babysit while our team and his fantasy football players were playing. He wouldn't be able to "focus," lol.

    @Michelle - I'm like you. That's all I can do, smh.

    @Faith, Lucky you....but I guess you're fight. Thank goodness for blogging!

    @Mrs. Pancakes - You're a genius! I'm taking notes!

    @Toi - Can't wait. :-)

    @CeCe - I still like football...but not as much as I used to. Its a phase I'm sure. Football parties are too much fun to give it up completely.

    @HUBBY - Stop leaving this graffiti. :-) You did win the league last year bringing home some bacon...but let's learn to multi-task. Oh and the internet is a great place to put this. I thought you didn't read my blog! Oh well.... ;-)


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