Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Anybody Else Need Coffee?

Busy life, busy wife, busy mommy. 
Thanks Arnebya for giving me the blogger nudge!

We moved into a cute little house that will be our home the next year or more. I'm glad that we didn't buy, as much as I want to just OWN a house right now....but I'm starting to see just how good we had it in our previous house that we owned before we moved to DFW. We had tons of space, storage and living areas, plus a driveway that could fit 6 cars. This is what we had when we had NO babies. Well, I see its going to cost a whole lot more than I'm willing to spend to get that here! Hmph.

It makes me wanna pick up and move to North Carolina or something. Like for real...but that's probably not going to happen. Well, for now we're blessed with this space and by-golly we're gonna enjoy it while we're here, but man do I miss my old house!

My husband has been traveling like a mad man during the week and I am spending my days and nights (when he's gone) being the sole source of entertainment. Sigh.....that can really jack up the nerves on anyone. Okay, well fine, just me then! Anyway, I celebrated a birthday during my hiatus and got to do a little shopping and hang out with my girl Jenn over at Closet Runway and had a fun time. Next time we'll incorporate some drinks too.
I am just so glad that spring 'came to play' with us earlier than expected.
Sometimes, my mood and motivation are completely tied to the weather.

Is it the same for anyone else???


  1. Happy Belated Birthday! Glad to see you are all moved in and settled.

    Yes my mood and motivation completely plummets when rain comes haha

  2. Glad to see a new post! And yes, I am sooo glad Spring/Summer is here!


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