Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sometimes Love Is Letting Go....I Miss My Dog

Him as a newborn pup.

Last year I sold my dog and it still breaks my heart. After my second boy turned 2 months, I couldn't emotionally handle a 14-month old, 2-month old and 6 year old dog, so we sold him. Yep, we moved to Texas and sold our dog that we had had for a little over 5 years.

I wasn't very nice to him his last year with us. I was so annoyed by him because he wouldn't play with the my oldest but instead would look at me with sad puppy dog eyes. It made me feel torn with who to devote my attention to. Not to mention both of my boys were wintertime-born babies and I didn't feel like walking him in the cold. Selfish and lazy.
Him not wanting to play with the kid.

Before I had kids, he was my baby that I treated like a dog....if you can kind of understand that. I spoiled him, not Paris Hilton style, but just "good dog" style. I cried when we sold him, even if I was mean to him for making me feel torn. I prayed for a nice, loving dog and he was just that. He got along and played with anyone and anything, but he was mainly an adult's dog. Unfortunately, I always have a reminder of him when I would watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills since Adrienne Maloof's dog (Jackpot) is my dog's twin....same breed and everything---Yorktese [Yorkie+Maltese].

The person we sold him to is really sweet and takes great care of him. He loves him almost as much as we did/do. He always texts us pictures of him and tells us how amazing and cool he is.
I'm happy to get the pictures and updates but it reminds me of the sadness I felt when giving him up. I thought I was tough enough to sell my dog because after all, I can always just get another one one day, but the thought of him still tears me up. Good dogs are truly like family and I never would've known this if I had never owned him.

Like in most things for me, its so hard when I am going THROUGH a trial of some sort that I can't even fathom good possibilities related to whatever trial I'm going through. I'd rather just get rid of the problem. Most times this is what I should do, but with this case, I wonder how it could've been with me hanging onto him through this past year's madness. He just looked so sad......
But they say sometimes love is letting a person/thing go.

That was his spot when my oldest was a baby.

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  1. Wow it's like losing someone u love,ugh ..feeling teary eyed just reading this but one thing.u do have is memories :-)


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