Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mama Kat's Workshop Day! Who Was Your TV Dad?

So Mama Kat posed several questions for all that follow her Thursday Writer's Workshop fun and the first one is "who is your celebrity dad?"

My answer is EASY. Duh....

Dr. Huxtable!!!

I mean who DIDN'T want to be a Huxtable kid when The Cosby Show was on?!? I freaking loved that show!
Sidenote: I wonder where I can buy the dvd series. {scratches head}
Anyway, I looked forward to that show all the time. I loved every single character, but the parents stood out the most as they had an adorable and admirable relationship with each other and their kids. I used to hope and pray for that kind of family since my parents had an unfriendly divorce, yet I always had hope for reconciliation. My dad is far from Heathfliff Huxtable, as I'm sure most real life dads are.---->Damn you tv fantasy world!!!

The lessons they taught were real but had an element of humor and love behind them. I learned  and felt connected to so many things from that show which helped me when I encountered simlar situations in my real life. I loved how Dr. Huxtable would do anything for the kids/family and without being upset or annoyed, whether it was playing pretend in the living room or getting egged. Then when it went off air I cried and was so sad to lose a show that I had grown to love. The Cosby Show and A Different World helped "raise" me, lol. I saw myself as Rudy too of course....a little brown girl .

The Cosby Show gave a successful and happy image to the black family, when a lot of families were broken and not on 'doctor' status when I was a kid. Now that I am older, I have something to keep in mind for my marriage's success. We are no Cosby's, but thinking back on the show right now is helping me to see the importance of laughter, fun and real communication with my spouse and children.
 Getting stuck in a rut is easy to do, so consciously remembering to be silly yet communicative is going to take work sometimes, but I think this will help in my aspirations to have a Cosby-ish family and we continue to grow and age.

Visit Mama Kat's and join in on the fun! Who was your tv dad?


  1. I also picked Cliff :) He was just fantastic!

  2. I picked Bill Cosby too and for some of the same reasons, he had such a great relationship with his kids and was always there for his family without getting annoyed or acting put out. I loved that show as well and will still watch re-runs once in a while :) Great lessons to remember with our own families now as well. Great post!

  3. It's funny; I didn't want Cliff to be my dad as much as I wanted Claire to be my mom. As I became an adult, I realized it was both the fictional character of Claire and the real life Phyllicia Rashad I wanted to be. The series is available at Amazon, but it's expensive. My girls watch the re-runs and my husband and I will usually watch with them. It's like bringing them into our home all over again. It's such a timeless show. What other show can you name today that you watched as a child and wouldn't mind letting your kids watch now?

  4. I love the Cosby show and I love watching reruns. Aside from their job status I think they showed how happy couples, parents & families should be. We need more of that in this day and age. It's hard to find nice family programing like this on T.V anymore. Seems like there is always some kinda dysfunction in T.V. And it seems like dysfunction is the norm nowadays.


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