Friday, February 17, 2012

Whitney Houston - Short and Sweet

"Folks turn to music at their highest highs and their lowest lows. It makes sense that they mourn a person that is responsible for life's contributions."
-someone I follow on twitter

Whitney Houston's passing was devastating to me after I realized that it was real. Even as I write this, I can feel a  lump developing in my throat. You know the kind that can be easily followed by tears if you let it? I don't know why either. I wasn't a superfan. I'm not a superfan of anyone, but I do love a lot of female celebs and she, with her seemingly beautiful spirit, was one of them. I know so many of her songs and can visualize "Waiting to Exhale" like it just came out a week ago.

Anyway, some entertainers that capture moments of your life in song and you connect with them because of it...not to mention her VOICE! She made everyone think they could sing, ha ha. 
Some people, well a lot of people then judge them. Who am I kidding, we've all judged some personal choices made by our most adored entertainers. But there's not a situation in our lives where we can honestly understand what some of these people go through. I can't imagine having my tribulations with myself and my husband in the public eye! Not even my local public eye. I wish they had more privacy and we only knew their triumphs so we could celebrate that with them. 

I found it fitting to share a photo of Whitney with her daughter. Losing a parent at 18 is hard and losing a parent at 18 that you considered to be one of your best friends is even harder.
 God bless the family of Whitney Houston.

Just HAD to share the hair shot!


  1. it's one of the saddest situations ever! I definitely have her daughter in my prayers! and Whitney's soul!

  2. I still can't join in my coworkers' conversations about her. I almost feel like my feelings are private. I shared them on my blog, but that's different, you know? I closed comments b/c I wanted to say something but not necessarily discuss or debate or get fired because I had to cut a bitch.

  3. I still can't believe she's gone.. So sad.. I really hope her daughter cna live in the light of her mom and shine in great ways.. RIP Whitney. :((

    Miss reading your blog girlie.. Hope you and the boys are welll.. sending ya hugs.. xoxoxo


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