Thursday, January 19, 2012

Suze Says Don't Buy

Speaking of houses.....

We have been looking and looking and every other weekend. Have I mentioned that I am not a fan of shopping (except for shoes)? I have limits on my shopping excursions and I tend to go by myself. Anyway, I digress. We couldn't agree on a house layout. We couldn't agree on new construction or already built. My husband could look at a million houses. To me, that's shopping....and breaking all kinds of limits I have.

So, we decided to rent a house instead. Right now, we are in a townhouse and its too small. My youngest, newly turned 1 with 7 teeth, gets into everything except for the bright colored things scattered everywhere. You know, TOYS. Sigh. And he looks at you crazy if you tell him to stop. He's not walking yet, but if he was, everything would be on its way to being broken. We. Need. More. Space.

Another reason we decided to rent is because it took us forever to sell our house when we relocated down here. Its easier for buyers to want to purchase a foreclosure next door than your market-priced house. So seeing that there are maybe 25 out of 50 houses for sale in our as well as neighboring subdivions that doesn't make us want to jump in and buy again.I'd say the market is still down though and something tells it still will be a year from now, I just hope we can agree on a house then..... and maybe have 20% down like Suze suggests.

Sidenote: I loved our old house. It was a prebuilt home and beautiful. Sigh. One day we'll own again!


  1. Such a tough market right now, especially when you are competing with all the foreclosures. We're hoping to put our house on the market in the Spring. Hoping the market will pick up a little by then.

    Good luck finding the right house to rent for your family!

  2. you'll own again! :)

    and you made the right decision for you and your family. here's hoping that you get to save the 20% and both can agree on a house you both will love!

    welcome back, you've been missed!

  3. Yes, *le sigh*, one day! You will get there...until then, enjoy landlords fixxing what breaks!!! :) Always a bright side....

  4. I heard Suzy say that too and we are not in the market to buy because I like the idea of being ready with the 20% down and a big emergency! Good thing is houses will
    Always be available
    For purchase when you are ready!!

  5. Don't rush it! Would you consider renting a larger home?

  6. Suze ALSO says, have eight months of emergency savings! what?! that is a goal of mine but not super realistic.

    The home search can be really tough, so I think renting is a good alternative considering the market hasn't stabilized yet. So when it does, you will be the first jumping on the really good interest rates. You can also keep your eyes peeled for your dream home! good luck!

  7. Sounds wise to wait a bit on purchasing a of wishes to you!

  8. Sounds like a great idea, certainly don't rush it, look around, take your time, don't feel rushed or pressured by the economy, buy the best and what stands out and makes your heart at ease.. You'll know when the time and house is right.. Wishing you and your boy's the BEST.. xoxoxo..

  9. I could look at houses for a living. I am creepy in that I want to see what people have done inside houses we looked at before we bought (10 years ago). There's one that we wanted so bad, got into a bidding war with another couple and just said forget it. If you want it that bad to offer $86,782 (yes, I remember the number) over the asking price, more power to you. I still drive by it and get wistful. Did they finish the basement yet? Did they convert the attic to a bedroom? Did they keep the french doors? I'd be angry if they didn't keep the french doors.

    But good for the two of you for deciding to wait. Don't rush; it'll happen. Make sure it happens on your own terms. There is nothing worse than buying and hating after.


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