Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Conversations With My Two-Year Old

My 2 year old is still in speech therapy and I think still slightly delayed a bit in speech. Nothing drastic, but there's a delay none the less. He speaks in two word phrases as opposed to three word sentences. He's still learning how to answer questions instead of just repeating you. I'm so proud of his progress and I know he will continue to do so! Check out that positivity and go on an get some!

Anyway, here's a conversation I had with my oldest a month ago. He was finishing up some Chic-Fil-A nuggets and fruit.

Me: Are you all done eating?

Drew: Done.

Me: Or do you want more?

Drew: More.

Me: Sigh. Drew are you all done?

Drew: Dooooonnnnnne.

Me: Okay, so no more?

Drew: More.

Me: Drew, are you done or do you want more? Which one?

Drew: Two. 

He was learning to count to 10 at the time. Mentally, I was like "WTF" but I thought it was hilarious and genius. I'd say his speech is going to be caught up by the summer time. Okay, well that's my hope.

I hope everyone is having an awesome Tuesday.....if not, treat yourself to one of these!


Yes please! Don't mind if I do!


  1. Toddler conversations make my day. Every now and then Z will simply repeat what I'm asking, but he changes the inflection like he's mocking me. Hilarious yet aggravating b/c if he knows to do this at 2, I have no clue what 4 and older have in store.

  2. YEP! He will be just fine. I have no doubt. At least by keeping YOU on your toes. LOL. So cute.

  3. Too funny! A lot of times the kiddos know the point they are trying to make whether us grown-ups get it or not! :^D

  4. Cute!! I do love your positivity and you all were on some Abbot & Castello "Who's on first" type stuff right there. Super cute story! Cheers to you and your Merlot!

  5. i adore you!

    and that was genius of him! too funny :)

  6. LOL I love it! its so cool how the toddler mind works :)

  7. Lol!! That's pretty funny...I love kids that say what's on their mind!!

  8. R O T F L.. haahaahaa.. Your son is super funny.. This reminded me somehow of when he locked YOU out the car.. haahaaa.. Too funny!!!


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