Thursday, January 19, 2012

Toddler Birthday Party Planner

For the past week, I was busy planning a somewhat last-minute birthday party for my boys. I made it a joint party for the two of them since my oldest turned 2 on Christmas and my youngest turned 1 on the 14th. They are literally 2.5 weeks apart. Sounds like a joint party kind of thing right? #Duh. :-)

I kind of don't believe in having a birthday party for a 1 year old......only because the 1 year old has NO idea what's going on. Heck, the 2 year old barely knows what's going on. I mean, they do....but then again......they don't. They don't realize "cake and presents for me because I'm one year older." That concept is understood completely at the age of 3 though. I know some people do it for the sake of the celebration and pictures, but honestly I already take a gazillion pictures. Last year, we celebrated my oldest's birthday with just the 3 of us at home.

Well, since we've been to at least 4 birthday parties since we moved here last October (all for 2 year olds), my hubby said he wanted me to put something together for our boys. Since we are still new to the area, we're still renting (luckily there are gorgeous houses leasing in this tough economy), we had to have the party somewhere else so we had it at an (safari-themed) indoor park and all the kids had tons of fun. I made the cake and cupcakes and they were freaking delicious! I can't wait to share what I did! But I have to tell wore me out!

I can say that now I thoroughly enjoy baking and making creative sweets!

An tasty treat that is my new favorite treat are mini oreos dipped in candy melts. Hmmmmm!!!!


  1. I too dont believe in 1 year old birthday parties. None of my kids got their birthdays acknowledged until 3 years old and even then it was just cake with family. At 5, you get a full out birthday party.

  2. I am getting ready for my little guy's 1st bday and I know that he won't remember a thing about it, I still want to make it special for him (since he is our miracle child). I told my husband the next big party our baby will have is when he turns 16!

    Mini oreo's dipped in chocolate melts sounds yummy! Do you put it on a stick or just dip it and let it dry laying flat?

  3. oooh mini oreos dipped in anything sounds incredible! ok, not anything ... but what you mentioned sounds delish!

    and i wonder what i would do when i have kiddos, hehe. i would probably do something little but just with immediate family ... we shall see.

  4. Awww! I can't wait to see pictures, Deia!

  5. A joint party when they're this close in age and birth date makes complete sense to me. And you're right; one and two year olds have no clue what's going on. A coworker asked what I was getting my 2 yr old last year for Christmas. Um, he has no idea who Santa is, what Christmas is all about, the real reason for the celebration...I'ma put some batteries in all of his toys and ta-da! Happy baby.

    I felt bad when he turned two and we didn't mark it with any sort of cake or cupcakes or...anything. Happy birthday, buddy, and kept it moving. This year, at three, though, there will be something, but still not an all out party.


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