Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Life Update

Well, we had a good holiday. No in-laws/out-laws drama. There were only one or two comments that annoyed me but all in all we had successful visits. My boys had fun EVERYwhere we went......which makes me miss "home" and being around family and dear friends. But for now, our home is in Tey-haas.

Anyway, thanks so much for everyone's lovely comments and thoughts and prayers! I didn't have real access and time to blog while we were out of town, so I couldn't respond back but I surely do appreciate the wonderful messages left. I think it helped give me a mental hmph to "fake til I made it" ha ha!

{More Randomness}
 - Our dear friends had their son on Christmas....which happens to be my oldest boy's birthday! How ironic is that?!? Two friends with boys born on Jesus' birthday. I'm still shocked!

- I got micro braids a week or more before we left to go home and took them out this past weekend. They were in for a total of 3 weeks and 2 days. I shouldn't have gotten them in the first place, but I was having HAIRCUT-ACCEPTANCE issues. Seriously.....what was I thinking???

-My oldest boy has been talking up a storm lately. Its usually clear words in the middle of gibberish-filled sentences.

-Literally a few days before Christmas, our camera broke, so we didn't take any pictures our whole holiday except for with our phone.....but our friends and family took some, so we still have it documented! We just bought a new camera this past Saturday, woo hoo! But really......2.5 weeks without a camera (on Christmas and New Year's Day) is NO BUENO!

-We got back from our trip on the 28th and did nothing but take out their toys cars, remote control cars and airplanes and play, Play, PLAY!!! My hubby took off a week and a half from work and now we are FINALLY back into our normal groove.

If we go home next year for Christmas, I think it should just be over an extended weekend period. That 'one whole week' stuff is just too long and besides there's nothing like being in your OWN house. Its a lot easier to get back into your normal routine from a holiday or vacation when it doesn't include traveling.

I hope you had a great Christmas and New Year's Eve/Day! Any random things take place for you over the holiday weeks?


  1. Glad you had a happy holidays. There is nothing like being in your own house for the holidays, amen to that.

  2. Oh good! {not about the camera} Glad everything went well over the holidays! Yay! I was definitely thinking of you. Cheers to a brand new year.

  3. p.s. While you are in Tey-haas! When are we gonna meet? AND...where is "home" again...in case you already mentioned it and I forgot?

  4. Glad you are back to the grind and definitely there is nothing better than home!

  5. hey! Glad to hear that you are back in your groove and that baby boy is talking!! Soon, you won't be able to keep him quiet! :)

  6. Welcome back and Happy New Year! I'm so glad that you had a peaceful, drama-free holiday. Ours was pretty low-key. My son had a minor surgery on the 23rd to fix his umbilical hernia so we pretty much laid low so he could take it easy and heal. It was hard getting up to go to work today! I'm still on vacation in my mind, because I should be getting in the bed right now but I'm not sleepy yet! ;-)

  7. Glad your back!

    ~Mrs. Delightful


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