Friday, June 8, 2012

Weave Me Alone

I am sooooo excited for Saturday!!! Wonder why? Ohhhh nothing special other than I'm having my sew-in weave removed! Yay for me!!!
"Weave....its been real, but dueces!" {throws the peace sign}
Excuse the shiny forehead.

Weaves are gorgeous and I really wish I could wear mine for a full 6-8 weeks but Saturday will mark 4 weeks on the dot and I'm happy that I lasted that long.

Since I mainly perspire in my head/scalp, it has been almost impossible to keep my bangs straight without applying heat weekly and sometimes every couple of days. Not only is this not how I want to treat my hair, its definitely not how I want to spend my time.......with a curling iron. Oh and since all of my moisturizers have water as the first ingredient, my hair reverts to its natural curly coily state after applying them. It was either have dry hair or have moisturized hair and then straighten it again once dry. Between working out a few times a week, going to the park in 90 degree weather and moisturizing, this Saturday can't come quick enough! #TeamNoMoreHeat

When I get this taken out, I'll be doing more twist outs and braid outs and giving my wash 'n go's a break. I'm not seeing the growth that I would like to see and am going to go back to the method that was actually working for me. Its time consuming, but I'll just have to make the time. Sigh.

I'm not sure if I'll ever get this done again. I bought 2 packs of extensions and only used 1. We all know hair stores don't do returns. {eyeroll}


Thanks to FaithNik and Arnebya for their tremendously helpful words to my blog post yesterday. It helped with my epiphany. You all are the best and I'm so glad to have y'all as blogging buddies!


  1. I love your natural hair, so YAY for Saturday!!!! :)

  2. I'm so glad you are figuring things out. I'll recommend and as resources for products that aren't water-based (and many other things).

  3. i'm so happy i was able to help. i just don't want you to stop blogging! :)

    and i hear you on the weave thing ... i had mine when i was transitioning and i hated it. i don't think i'll do a weave again ... but then they say, never say never!

  4. Do you not love your hair in the picture you have on your header? I love it! I say do the hair goal thing for as long as it's fun. Once it becomes too stressful, time consuming or expensive it's not worth it. If you take care of it, you will have a head full of healthy hair, and like everything it will go through cyles of being longer and shorter. Just don't stress, I am still waiting for you to take a picture where you are absolutely radiant! Point being, that Spirit of yours shines through no matter what and THAT is the most important. Keep Shining Sis!! xoxo

  5. The weave is looking chic!

  6. I always get bored and irritated quickly with weaves mostly for the same reasons as you. but they do offer a welcome break when me and my hair are not getting along. i'm excited to see your progress and your gorgeous hair again!!

  7. @Meli - Awe thanks! :-)

    @Arnebya - Thanks! I found a couple products on Afrobella's site that I plan on trying out.

    @Faith - Your advice helped me tremendously. So grateful!

    @JCov - I cut my hair in January--Founders Day actually. :-) I had maybe 4-5" taken off because I saw them as unhealthy and split. I have a lot less hair than that now. I know it'll grow back...eventually. Me waiting for it to frow has completely stressed me out and is probably the reason its NOT growing. Good advice. Just let it go. Once much support from you! Have you considered becoming a Life Coach????

    Thanks @Mrs. Pancakes & Alice!!!

  8. Wearing weaves when transitioning can have it good or bad points, but no matter what type of weave you wear-safe removal is key. Transitioning hair tends to tangle and get matted much faster after removing a protective hairstyle for 4weeks and up.

    If ever your hair gets super matted, tangled or knotted;just use the Take Down Remover/Detangler cream. It will really soften your hair, save your time and hair from breaking.


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