Thursday, June 14, 2012

'Preschool' Program Gone Wrong

I know he isn't a performer. I mean, he's never been that kid that when you say giddily, "Drew sing" or "Do your dance," he ALWAYS leaves you hanging. That is usually in front of family or friends....because he needs his 'warm up to you' period. This period can last from 10 minutes to an hour.
Oddly enough, its in his personality because if he is doing a silly dance in front of one parent and then the other (me or my hubs) walks in and we tell him to do it again, he'll frown and fall to the floor. Obviously he doesn't need to warm up to his its just his personality to not "perform" for people's adoration or amusement.

Uh oh.

Well there were 100+ people in the audience and there was no possible way for him to warm up to that. Each 'preschool' class was to perform a song. My son's class was the youngest class so their song was just two and a half minutes long and they had to stay seated while singing it instead of standing like the older 2's, 3's and 4 year old classes. (Probably in fear of them walking/running off the little stage crying). As the music starts and his chapel "jam" starts to come on, he freaks out and does this.....
My new screen saver.
My husband and I were completely stunned but stricken with laughter too. I'm not going to lie, it was the funniest thing ever! These aren't all of the kids on the stage, but this was all I chose to fit in my lens. He frowned, made his eyes really big and rolled back slowly into the above position. As I think about it right now, all I can do is shake my head and say "That boy......"

He sat up, looked at us, frowned said "No" and rolled back again. Hey, at least his legs weren't in a V this time. And we kept husband was a lot more than me. I was beginning to gesture as well as say "No no no!"

Get me outta here! And stop looking at me!
Now I know that this frown means, and I may be saying "Oh {expletive}" later. Meanwhile......

Chillin' and completely unaware.
 Of course when we got back home, he sang the song perfectly. Now if he tries that again next year......I will NOT be laughing! He actually fell back like that three times, the third time having his friend next to him join him. Then he started stomping his feet and all of his classmates started stomping with him. And all of this [funny-toddler] foolery took place in two and a half minutes.

Thank goodness we got it all of tape.


  1. LOL I am cracking up!!!!! Gotta luv these kids. :)

  2. omg, omg, omg! hilarious! i am dying with laughter right now. so funny!

  3. Lol! So funny! Loved that you captured the moments!

  4. These are the best moments/memories. Enjoy them!!

  5. That is hysterical!! I love it!! I think when he grows up you should share the story with his girlfriends :) awesome that you have this forever.

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  7. "My new screen saver" totally got me. :0 lol. Tooooo funny. The life of a toddler. That mug says, "It ain't funny!!!!" But it so is/was/always will be.


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