Thursday, June 7, 2012


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After much thinking, I realized my ACTUAL reason that I have not been blogging very much lately. Right now I feel somewhat lost in the direction of my blog. I started this blog out after being inspired by numerous natural hair bloggers that I would follow but never correspond with. Then I found a few that were moms too and I was hooked. I had to connect and share and swap my stories as well.
Well now I've come to that standstill that is causing me to wonder what my direction is going to be. This may sound crazy or silly but don't we all hit roadblocks sometimes? No?....Oh okay. 
  • My hair growth is at its own roadblock....sad to say ----->so much for my natural hair posts. 
  • And my free time has not been so free, since my boys are allergic to having the same nap schedule. ----> a crying shame, lol.
The good thing about roadblocks is that they help to go in a different and usually better direction.

Now let's just hope I don't stay at this stupid "Detour" sign too long and follow the darn signs around it.
{there is tons of fog around these detour signs and its giving me bad visibility.}

Have you ever experienced any roadblocks with your blog? What helped you get through it???


  1. Don't make posting on your blog an obligation. Just do it when you have a true urge to, or when you really have something to share. That's how I've started to handle my posting "road blocks".

  2. I'm still in it but toward the end, I think. There is no real answer, unfortunately. Time is all I can say unless you're struck w/a huge epiphany one day. The detours do usually open up onto usable roads, though.

  3. @Nik - That's a great idea. I have been unaware of these obligatory feelings, I guess cause I'm wishing I could keep up with the Joneses (especially re: natural hair) but maybe I just need to stop looking at youtube hair growth vids for awhile.

    @Arnebya - Not sure how long you've been in your roadblock, but this is not reassuring for me, ha ha. At least you have incredible writing!!!! Let us know when you get out of yours and what epiphanies you may have had, if any.

  4. i wish i had an answer but i don't. i think what has helped me in my blogging experience is that i blog about pretty much everything. i think when you have a blog that is focused on one thing it makes it a little harder.

    so you have a choice to either blog about what you created this blog for and if there is a blog break, there is a blog break.

    you can talk about your trials of hair growth. we all have experienced that.

    you can talk more about your kiddos.

    just talk about your life.

    i followed you because i found you interesting and felt we had something in common. and i will continue to do so.

  5. Girl, blog reading will create more "keeping up with the Joneses" feeling than any other internet/social networking I've ever experienced! At least for me. It caused me to really get in touch with myself, the things that I'm really interested in, what I want to post about and how often. I stopped putting pressure on myself to "keep up" in the blogesphere. Trust me, your readers are interested in you for you. Whether you post once a week or 10 times a week--so don't feel like you have to post 10 times a week. Your audience is here and it will grow, on it's own. Don't feel like you HAVE to entertain. Blog readers are blog readers--they have plenty of entertainment and when you do post, we notice! :)

  6. i understand how your feeling but you def can still post about your natural hair journey even though you may not be feeling the progress. that is something i think lots of people who are focusing on growing healthy hair can relate too (me especially). you could even blog about learning a new hobby to combat the roadblock. also your boys are too freaking cute!!! sounds like its time for some gymboree or something to wear them out!! lol (is the weather super hot there already? just remembering your heat wave posts from last year. hehehehe)

  7. "Roadblock" is a good word for it. And yes. I did. I do. But I blog to have an outlet. Document as well. But it is mainly theraputic for me. I hope you find you way....and don't go anywhere. :)

  8. Shortie Do Wap! Sorry to hear you are feeling at a roadblock. The good news is you are human and that we all go through it. In fact explain exactly what is going on. People aren't following you because your hair is down to your waist, we are because we have an interest in YOU the person. Live, in color, 3D and Wonderful! To me your blog is a Mommy Blog which included everything that a woman juggles to be a loving mother, wife, hot mama, social etc. So it could be your hair journey one day, this nap time situation (blog about that!), In law issues (oh wait you covered that...), How to get through hard situations with your hubby. You have a great heart and it would be great to read how someone like you maneuvers these situations. Don't give up, but at the same time, don't pressure yourself. Everything is evolving and unfolding just as it should. - Alway in your corner... D.S. :)

  9. I had to come
    To the realization that I enjoy blogging for me and not
    Anyone else. If people read great...If they don't...that's Great too... Keep your blog going!

  10. @Nik - I've completed layed off "the Joneses" youtube videos (not so much her blog because its helpful reviews), but I refuse to look at her [amazing] growth pictures, lol.

    @Alice - No heat wave yet. Thank GOD weekly rains have been cooling us off from our 90 degree days.

    @Meli - You're so sweet. Thanks!

    @JCov - Oh how I love you!!! I guess its mommy-ish huh?! Thanks so much for your support and kind words. I'm taking the message as continue to be my RANDOM self. And I think I will.

    @Mrs. Pancakes - Thanks for the reminder. I started it for me and will keep being 'random' for me (not worrying about hair growth).

  11. I've had lots of roadblocks on my blog and recently went private cause I had a crazy person stalking me and leaving psycho comments. Now I think I'm over it and public again. Sometimes I don't have anything to blog about. So I just don't blog for that week. Then other times I have ideas then forget what it was when I'm in front of the computer. I would say just blog about what comes to you. We love reading it.


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