Thursday, July 26, 2012

My Little Honeybadger...

My 18 month old son is a honey badger. "He doesn't give a ----, he just takes what he wants." My husband and I had the audacity to fall asleep at the same time AFTER we took him out of his crib for naptime. What the heck were we thinking?!? Well, during that time, we left my 2.5 year old's lunch on the counter, thinking he'll be up maybe 20 mins later. I'm a power-napper so I thought I would catch a little nap. Unfortunately my husband did the same thing. Our youngest didn't want to eat his lunch when my husband gave it to him and instead let him "go play." Well in that 20 min timeframe when we both fell asleep, my youngest took my oldest boy's lunch off the plate and threw everywhere in the living room.......just for the hell of it.

My husband was shocked that he could reach up on the counter and that he took the food off of the plate without causing the plate to fall. I was more shocked at the nerve he had to bring the food into the living room in the first place!!!!

Now I understand what people mean when they say "Every child you have is different." My oldest son would have NEVER done anything like this!!!!! One is cautious (though still toes the line) and the other one completely throws caution to the wind.....because there are several more stories just like this. Sheesh.


  1. It's gotta have something to do with birth order. My youngest is the exact same way--and the kid is barely walking. We call him lil' Debo! :^D

  2. lol! he really did that?! Gotta sleep with one eye open these days.

  3. Honeybadger!?! Lol. Priceless.


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