Thursday, July 19, 2012

Life Update -- The Unexpected, D.C. and Interviews

Over the past month I have had some unexpected things happen. I wanted to blog about it a couple weeks ago, but you know how you just don't know if you you don't? Yeah, that's what happened. I'll just 'hint' around with the notion that I am apart of a different mom club.....the one where you don't get a baby at the end. Everything is gravy now.

Around Father's Day weekend, I got a chance to hang with some of my awesome friends and line sisters in D.C. and let's just say it was like our Hangover with no nudity, ha ha. I think I was meant to live on the east coast in my former life.
Former life because the miwest cost-of-living has me so spoiled that I could never pay an arm and a leg for a fraction of what I've been used to having.
I guess that makes me frugal.

My job interview went well. I'm sure its for full-time work though. Gosh, apart of me hates engineering. I'm just too social/cool for it. Being at a desk all day doing AutoCAD and working with a calculator and engineering scales so boring. 
Anyway, in the beginning the interview was going well but by the end of it, the two guys interviewing were kind of looking at me like....."Does she know what she is talking about?" I forgot my engineering terminology, i.e. names of certain methods and proper descriptions of some design work. I could sense that I had kind of 'blown' it, but once they took me to a computer and watched me dibble dabble in CAD (computer aided design software), they were like, "Oh! So you know what this is; how to do this; what this does?"
Of course, I'm like "Yes....." as I explain further as well as draw a couple of things. They handed me a couple examples of company standards and I left feeling kind of good.

Fast forward several weeks and today I just had a second interview, which technically, wasn't an interview at all. I had to take a personality profile test, which is the second step in their interveiw process. {eyeroll} I really don't like tests. I already know an answer in the logic section that I answered wrong-------> thanks to my engineer husband that told me the right answer immediately. Its okay, I won't get down on myself, even though I can easily wonder what ELSE I answered incorrectly in that section......instead I'll just keep telling myself I'm too cool for this.


  1. I'm a little slow in getting certain things but if I think I'm right about the above part I just want to say how sorry I am. If I'm wrong just know I've never pretended to be clever :)

    As for the job, you got this, hehe.

  2. Hm. I'm trying not to infer things, so I won't. But, I totally get the interview not going well but then bam! I may not be able to describe it, but I can show it. Good luck, Deia. I hope you get it if you truly want it (full time and boring be damned).

  3. Like everyone else I will withhold what I really want to say if I read the first paragraph correctly, but know, that I am here if you need me. Good luck girl

  4. What you all are thinking is right. Thanks so much for your kind words with both situations!


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