Friday, April 27, 2012

One Measly Hour

One Measly Hour

My husband travels a lot. Okay well, he's BEEN travelling a lot. For the past 6 months to be exact!
Can you imagine.....okay well of course you can't because we don't REALLLY know each other. BUT for the past 6 months, my husband has been driving 3 hours to the construction site that he is overseeing and it has been stressful for me. I thought his project was going to be over a couple months ago but nope!

Some days, he leaves at 5:30am to get there at 8:30am and drives back home the same day, getting home around 8:00pm. Usually that is on a day when he is trying to prevent himself for being down at the site for 3 nights in a row. For the majority of the past 6 months, he'll do 4 days and 2 nights at the project site. (I'll let you do the math on that one).
Sooooooo, I am with our boys In the mornings we go out somewhere and in the afternoons we do some learning and a little bit of tv with meals, snacks and naps in between.

Just my luck, they sometimes don't even have the same nap schedule or one wakes up before the other one, leaving me with a measly hour or hour and a half to myself. I can reach my wit's end VERY quickly when I've had to deal with whining over ridiculous things all day starting with brushing teeth. I wonder if whining just suddenly stops at a certain age. ::daydreams::

This is going to last another 6 frick-fracking weeks. Seriously y'all....?!? I have been patient and tried to maintain my sanity, since it IS his job and he still comes home and is an awesome hubby and father, and he's trying to go up the ranks at this company, but damn this has been stressful!

Some days I feel like I just want to run not walk to find a job, but then I look at these boys while their heads are down concentrating on whatever they are playing with and my heart flutters.....right before I start google searching for job openings on my phone.

Sorry I've been somewhat of a crappy bloggy friend. I promise to do better in the coming weeks! Have you ever had something take you away from blogging for a long period of time? If so, what was it?


  1. My mind (and the tequila) will take me away periodically. I'll fall silent for a week or so and there's no real reason sometimes. I can imagine it would be hard -- that pull of a job (adult conversation!) vs being with them. It pains me when I have to leave them, even the 11 yr old. It gets easier/better, but it's still there. But um, whining? Yeah, sorry, but that shit is there for the long haul. My 16 yr old niece still whines. It may not be AS bad as my toddler doing it but it's a whine just the damn same.

  2. Boy, I know how all of that goes. Thankfully, my DH's plate has been a bit lighter recently and he gets home at a fairly decent hour. It makes all the difference!

  3. @Arnebya - You are so hilarious....even though I know you're serious. I know I would miss them like crazy if I went to work so I'm just gonna have to check my nerves more often. Oh and thanks for busting my bubble with whining.

    @Nik - Glad you understand from the sahm view. It is NOT easy. I can't wait til his schedule goes back to normal so my nerves can. J/k....kinda.


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