Monday, September 9, 2013

My New 'Do

Its about that time of year again, where I notice that my hair is growing at a snail's pace, so I chop it off!
I'm not really feeling, or should I say wasn't really feeling, the length in which my hair was and I have been seeing the short natural hair tapered look for months now and of course I got that 'itch.'
You know that 'itch' you get when you need a change in your look?
My itch usually comes every 2-3 years but sometimes it comes sooner when I'm feeling lost or stagnant in an area of my life.
Right now, I'm tired of living in an area with such a lack of diversity and I'm tired of my hair not growing.
Not to mention, I'm waiting until the end of the year to really put some money into and further develop one of my special interests. And that is definitely keeping me mentally anxious.
(By the end of he end year, I'll be able to pay for it in cash as opposed to doing any payments.)
Anyway, I checked out Pinterest for some inspiration and showed the picture to my stylist and voila. I'm in love.

Now I'm trying to convince myself not to put some highlights in there....but then again, just give me a few weeks.


  1. I LOVE your hair! So adorable! (:

    Good luck with your upcoming project. I know it has to be something you're passionate about with the amount of effort and preparation that you're putting forth. It's encouraging, especially toward something that I've actually wanted to do for a while.

    1. Thanks, girl! Find your passion and follow it, slowly, haha. I encourage you to pick up a book called The Dream Giver. Its so inspiring! You'll like it!

  2. It looks so good! And I'm going to encourage you because I think highlights would look so good!

  3. i always love your girls...highlights would be totally cute!!


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