Friday, January 25, 2013

My Month Long Hiatus

Yo, what's up folks?!? I've been taking a month long hiatus to give myself some time to read and research a healthier lifestyle.

The church we attend (that we'll eventually become members of) did a church-wide fasting and praying venture while reading a 31-day devotional. Since I've been attending this church, I've learned about Biblical principles that I never really knew and the messages are delivered in a college-lecture fashion as opposed to the crunk Holy Ghost fashion. There's nothing wrong with either method but the latter method tends to side-track my me more.

I've been a Christian and person of good conscience all my life but attending this church has pushed me more to listen to and follow God's plan for my life. Since I have no idea of how to get started, I was that much more inspired to begin finding out what my purpose is....and its not just motherhood.

I decided to fast from desserts, which is a complete weakness and usually a daily meal/snack that I have. I figured it would also be a great time, month to get a tad more serious about my gym time, so all month I've been hitting up the treadmill, stairmaster and free weights.

By the way, I cheated one day on my desserts and I'm 4 days behind on my reading just because I didn't feel like reading. {rolls eyes}
I'm going to finish it though ----> my New Year's Resolution to myself was to read more books and FINISH them.
That really takes up my free blogging time.

Welcome to the 'Gun' Show!

My muscles look bigger in person, but hey, I'm finally getting somewhere on #TeamKeepItTight!


  1. That's wonderful that you found a church home. I'm a fond believer on fasting, it really disciplines me and brings me closer to God with no distractions, *ahem cupcakes, my weakness. Have a lovely weekend and those guns should be illegal, haha.

  2. What're you reading right now? And good for you with keeping up the healthy habits!

  3. LOL @ holy crunk fashion. That's not really my preferred method of teaching either. haha

    Sounds like you've been up to some good things while away--so I guess it's okay. ;^)

  4. That's awesome! All the best with your fast.

  5. Welcome back!!

    You look amazing! Loving your guns ;) and your hair looks great too!

    Glad you were able to get a lot accomplished during your break :)

  6. Glad to see you back. I had to take a little break as well. Things have been moving here on my end.

    LOL @ your "Gun Show". You're looking good girl!

    Good luck with your goals this year!


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